Accepted in juried art show!

After much hemming and hawing, I finally decided to enter a local Juried Art Show. This is the first time I have entered any art show. Two of my favorites were selected: Farmers Market Carrots and Pumpkin. 
I brought these carrots home from the farmers market, scrubbed off the dirt, thinking we’d roast them on the BQ for dinner, but they were so photogenic, I just had to draw them first. I used a Uniball Signo 1.0 black gel pen, added some bright yellow-green-orange watercolor, then some complimentary blue-purple background colors.
Roasted with olive oil, and sprinkle of salt, they didn’t look nearly as good, but they were delicious eating! We ate them all for appetizers. Quick and easy. Try this sometime. 
The pumpkin I found at my favorite plant nursery. Unlike supermarket pumpkins, this one had an irresistible jagged stem, just begging to be drawn. Drawn with a 6.0 mm Pilot Parallel Pen, black ink, on cold press watercolor paper, hence the irregular crayon look. The ink was still a bit wet when I added watercolor with a broad edge brush, wet at the top of the pumpkin, drier on the sides. I can still feel the energy of drawing this.      

Wishing for garden tulips

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These commercially grown tulips will have to do. No tulips in my garden. Several years ago I planted dozens of tulips. Happily watched them grow, sending up beautiful plump buds. Just ready to pick. Good grief! Stems wilting, buds dragging on the ground! Learned that voracious voles tunneled under the tulips, ate the bulbs!
Sigh! No more tulips!

Eat your veggies?

Before you eat your veggies, paint them! Browse the produce section, thinking of what to paint. Markets that stock locally- grown produce, will have the crispiest leaves and freshest colors. I was so excited finding these beets, back home, I skipped the kitchen, and put them on my drawing table. Nothing like painting immediately, Still delicious the next day for dinner.

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A long over-our update:

I have long neglected this blog, It is past time for for an update. Excuses, well, other parts of my life have overwhelmed me and this blog. I have, however continued to make art, on paper and in other ways. I am involved in a watercolor class. For the past few years I have committed to make art daily in October for Inktober, posting on Instagram. Check Instagram, search for clairepaint.
Gardening in a large yard is an ongoing project, especially in the maritime climate of the upper left corner of the US. A book club, reading and listening to recorded books keep my brain engaged, as if making art is not stimulation enough! Cooking, another creative outlet, takes sometime, too. We do have to take time to eat, after all! Wonderful family and friends are treasures in sunshine and rain.

With resolve to share more of my art…


It’s time, again, for Inktober!

This is the annual make-art-every-day for a month.
Preferably Inktober is for art created using ink, but the basic goal is to form the habit
of spending time every day to make art.

These are my first posts to Instagram:
Download the Instagram app to your cell phone or iPad. Search for clairepaint
You can see my daily posts and all of last year’s Inktober posts.
Last year my theme was mostly drawings of fall produce; quite different from the fanciful creatures
of this year.

I will also add current creations here throughout October.

Cats, 1, jpg.jpeg

Cats, 1, jpg.jpeg

Download Cats, 3 pdf.pdf