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September 2019

Autumn. Vegetables

This purple cauliflower was so eye-catching, I could not resist purchasing it, first to paint. I browsed the produce section for other veggies to include with the cauliflower. The bright stems of the rainbow chard made a nice base, the very ripe tomato for accent, garlic for a neutral contrast.
Footnote: the cauliflower, cooked, changed color a bit, to a dark violet blue; tasted like white cauliflower.

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Mushrooms: theme and variations

More mushrooms from the farmer's market. 
Fun to paint, delicious to eat! 
It took a couple weeks to complete this painting, pondering the background color. Mark at has been patiently waiting to see the finished painting of his Pioppini Mushrooms. 

Meanwhile I did this quick pen sketch of Mark's all-white Lion's Mane mushroom. This shaggy-looking mushroom was about 8 inches wide and 5-6 inches thick.