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January 2022

February 2022

Wishing for garden tulips

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These commercially grown tulips will have to do. No tulips in my garden. Several years ago I planted dozens of tulips. Happily watched them grow, sending up beautiful plump buds. Just ready to pick. Good grief! Stems wilting, buds dragging on the ground! Learned that voracious voles tunneled under the tulips, ate the bulbs!
Sigh! No more tulips!

Eat your veggies?

Before you eat your veggies, paint them! Browse the produce section, thinking of what to paint. Markets that stock locally- grown produce, will have the crispiest leaves and freshest colors. I was so excited finding these beets, back home, I skipped the kitchen, and put them on my drawing table. Nothing like painting immediately, Still delicious the next day for dinner.

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